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The beautifully tailored finish, high back and recliner options underpin this extremely comfortable range.

Chloe's high back, generously padded arms and bull-nose seat cushions provide exceptional comfort and support. And with the option of compact pieces in this range, you can fit the Chloe in whatever space you have.

Compact size options available on this model.

All recliner furniture supplied on fixed feet only. Recliner furniture available in manual or power versions. 2 seater and 3 seater LHF/RHF recliner sofas and 2 seater double recliner sofas are delivered in two sections which link together. 3 seater double recliner sofas are delivered in three sections which link together. Seat cushions on non-recliner pieces are reversible in soft fabric cover only. Seat cushions on all recliners including non-moving parts are fixed. Please allow the following clearance at the back of the recliner, when sitting in the furniture, to allow the mechanism to go into the full recline position. Manual/power recliner chair or sofa - 114mm/11.4cm/4.5in.

Dimensions Height  Width Depth
Armchair 104cm 96cm 100cm
Armchair small 98cm 90cm 100cm
2 Seater sofa 104cm 158cm 100cm
2 Seater sofa small 98cm 146cm 100cm
3 Seater sofa 104cm 208cm 100cm
3 Seater sofa small 98cm 190cm 100cm
Footstool 47cm 68cm 58cm
Recliner chair 104cm 96cm 100cm
Recliner chair small 98cm 90cm 100cm
2 seater recliner sofa 104cm 159cm 100cm
3 seater recliner sofa 104cm 208cm 100cm

*All measurements are approximate