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A cleverly designed chair that works in any space, yet still offers all the comfort you want.

It's compact design and simple, clean lines will work in any space and effortlessly complement all decors. Combined with supportive cushioning for maximum comfort, not only is it ultra stylish, it's extremely durable too.

All recliner furniture supplied on fixed feet only. Recliner available in manual or power versions. 2 seater double recliner sofas are delivered in two sections which link together. 3 seater double recliner sofas are supplied in three sections which link together. Seat cushions are a fixed type. Our recliner furniture requires room to recline. Please allow the following clearance at the back of the recliner, when sitting in the furniture, to allow the mechanism to go into the full recline position. Manual/power recliner chair or sofa - 25mm/2.5cm/1in.


 Dimensions  Height  Depth  Width
 Armchair  99.1cm  96.5cm  86.4cm
 Recliner chair ( Powered or Manual )  99.1cm  96.5cm  86.4cm
 2 seater sofa  99.1cm  96.5cm  139.7cm
 3 seater sofa   99.1cm  96.5cm  190.5cm
 2 seater recliner sofa ( Powered or Manual)  99.1cm  96.5cm  139.7cm
 3 seater recliner sofa ( Powered or Manual)  99.1cm  96.5cm  190.5cm
 Storage footstool  41.9cm  58.4cm  72.4cm


*All measurements are approximate